About Me and My Work

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Telephone +44 (0) 783 790 3822
Email info@priti-patel.com

I'm a self taught Birmingham based artist specialising in romantic landscape paintings, with a strong emphasis on the sky. With the use of light and colour, I create strong images showing the powerful forces of nature.

Emotions play a huge part in my work. Being creative has helped me get through the toughest times and has given me hope when I desperately needed it. I can truley express myself when I paint. The painting becomes a part of me. However, once I finish a painting, I no longer feel attached to it. I always feel it's for others to hopefully enjoy and experience.

All of my paintings carry a positive message, showing that you can overcome many hardships as situations never stay the same. The human spirit is not meant to give up and things are constantlt changing and evolving around us. This gives us hope.

I'm inspired by nature, it forms, textures, beauty and array of sumptous colours. For me the sky evokes another world which is quite ethereal. It can be dramatic, romantic and peaceful.

I want to take the viewer to a magical world that's filled with beauty, light and colour. I want to touch them with my paintings and leave them feeling positive and uplifted.